Kris(ela) Karaja





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[This interactive text remixes the work of both Jim Andrews's "Stir Fry Texts" ( and Ali Rachel Pearl's "BLOOD/LINES" ( In order to interact with and see the full text in its various versions, hover your mouse over the text/lines to mix and read. Click the Albanian flag to switch between voices.]

This is an imagined letter from my Albanian grandfather, Kristo Karaja, writing to his father in Albania while working at the Traymore Hotel on the Atlantic City boardwalk. Kristo would later return to Albania in the 1930s and would eventually be "stuck" there after the communist takeover and the sealing of the borders, even though he was a US citizen. He would ultimately die in Albania. This is also an imagined letter from me, Kristo's namesake, in Albania at less than a year old, writing to my father abroad in America after the borders re-opened.